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CoManaged IT Services

Sometimes, even the sharpest IT team needs a helping hand. CoManaged IT services from LNS Solutions are designed to give your staff the insight, expertise, and support they need to eliminate drudgery, better focus on their work, and help keep your business at peak efficiency, no matter what occurs.
  • Cybersecurity expertise and network security monitoring

  • Friendly, responsive engineers and service desk teams

  • Clearly defined scope of work with service-level agreements

There’s no need for your IT staff to stay overworked, stressed, or missing important deadlines. The help they need has arrived.
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Managed IT Services vs. CoManaged IT Services

We’ve encountered some confusion around the two terms “Managed IT services” and “CoManaged IT services.” Here are the similarities and differences between the two terms.

Managed IT Services

In this arrangement, we take full control and responsibility for all your network technology. When your staff encounters IT trouble, they contact our help desk staff who dispatch the right technicians or engineers to solve your issue.

This approach means that everything attached to your network, from servers and printers to mobile phones and tablets, is under our direct supervision.

CoManaged IT Services

CoManaged IT is about helping businesses that have an in-house IT team maximize their productivity. By providing targeted support to fill your human resources gaps, this model helps you maximize network uptime, mitigate cybersecurity challenges, and ensure your team is always ready to deliver high service quality.

Experience Makes Us Tampa’s CoManaged IT Partner

Offering a CoManaged solution requires a high level of technical skill and professionalism, which most young and inexperienced MSPs simply don’t have.

Through decades of service to the Tampa Bay area, LNS Solutions has refined the operating processes and technical skills it takes to coordinate with your team and work carefully within the scope that your business defines.

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Our team can help you pass your next HIPAA, FINRA/SEC, PCI-DSS, or any other compliance audit, while handling your sensitive data and PII according to standardized industry best practices.

Cybersecurity Solutions

IT teams find that by strategically handing patch management, endpoint detection and response, vulnerability scanning & penetration testing, or firewall management to our team, they can significantly improve key security metrics.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Businesses an IT leader who can define and execute a clear strategic vision for business-technology alignment look to our vCIO team to analyze their goals and develop an IT roadmap that keeps them ahead of the curve.

CoManaged IT Can Eliminate Your Chronic Issues

You’re proud of the IT steam that your organization has built, but you know there are still weak spots in your capabilities, and you’re worried that those vulnerabilities could lead to downtime, cyber infiltration, or worse.

CoManaged IT services from LNS Solutions give your team the targeted support you need to ensure your network is always supporting your business and protecting your data. Here are some of the common problems that our co-managed IT solutions can solve.

Lack of IT Skillsets and Expertise

Planning a server refresh or major cloud migration, but worry that a lack of engineering talent means it goes over budget or passed your deadline? Senior network engineers drowning in IT support tickets? We can backstop your team so you’re never shorthanded.

Reduce Burnout and Turnover

When IT teams are overworked, they’re frustrated, efficiency drops, and eventually people start looking for another job, which can lock you in a vicious cycle of hiring and rehiring. LNS Solutions will take the tedious, unspecialized network management duties off your team’s plate, allowing them to focus on the tasks they do best.

Security Vulnerability

Most IT teams at small and midsized businesses lack cybersecurity specialists. The cybersecurity team at LNS Solutions can serve as a cyber defense guardian to your internal team, monitoring your network for security events, analyzing threats, performing forensics, and addressing new vulnerabilities as they emerge.

Successful CoManaged IT Is Built on Open Communication

The CoManaged IT arrangement creates an intimate connection between your IT team and the provider you choose.

For these arrangements to be successful, you’ll need a partner with more than just technical skills. They’ll need to work in an open and transparent way with your team, speak frankly about continuous service improvements, and be flexible enough to alter their solutions to your team.

Here are some of the traits that make our team uniquely capable of delivering successful, CoManaged IT solutions.

We’re Teachable

CoManaged are valuable because they give you targeted support in areas you need, while leaving other services entirely in the hands of your IT staff. The engineering team at LNS Solutions is sensitive to your needs and is happy to adapt our documented processes to suit your needs.

We’re Responsive

We arrange regular, face-to-face meetings with all our CoManaged clients, so we can better understand their latest goals. However, you can also speak to us at any stage in your relationship, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your IT team’s needs as quickly as we can.

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